Things to do for July 26, 2017

Head to the Attic. There’s Whiskey Involved.

Not in an Attic: This New Weekly Tiki Party

By Hadley Tomicki

Your Weekly Wednesday Tiki Fix

Your Weekly Wednesday Tiki Fix

Wednesday. You’re over the hump. You are now fully able to enjoy a night of tiki décor and cocktails at Good Housekeeping’s new weekly tiki bash. Like the White Zombie, a dragon fruit-based take on a zombie that’s limited to one person each. Presumably for the good of everyone involved.

It’s Labyrinth, Just With More of Your Voice

It’s <em>Labyrinth</em>, Just With More of Your Voice

Assuming you’re human, let’s also assume you love the movie Labyrinth, what with its Muppets and its David Bowie. And let’s further assume that you wouldn’t mind seeing it in Ace Hotel’s theater while quoting along to it. Great. Here’s this thing then.

A Secret Whiskey Attic on Fairfax

A Secret Whiskey Attic on Fairfax

Tom Bergin’s is finally opening its upstairs nook, Vestry. It’s a handsome clubhouse for aficionados of American whiskey, complete with rare and impressive bottles, classes and collection tastings for members. The best things come to those who wait. We took that from a ketchup ad.

Opens July 28, $450-$1,000 for memberships, Vestry above Tom Bergin’s, 840 S Fairfax Ave, 323-936-7151

Japanese Highballs and Bone Broth Ramen

Japanese Highballs and Bone Broth Ramen

Lucky Rice’s food event takes over Downtown on Friday night, giving you the chance to try Asian specialties like bone broth ramen from Bone Kettle and duck wraps from Bruce Seidel’s forthcoming XO on Beverly, all between Japanese whiskey highballs. We hear they pair nicely with bone broth.

A Play That You Just Happen to Be In

A Play That You Just Happen to Be In

Psyche on Vine is a new play where the 3 Clubs audience participates in the action. It’s about a trendy restaurant where a representative from Oprah’s network is coming to do some casting, throwing everyone into fierce competition. You’ll play the person who’s having another.

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