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A Casual Filipino Lunch Stand From Two of LA’s Finest

A James Beard Nominee Takes Grand Central Market

By Hadley Tomicki ·
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Your poor, poor friends are leaving for the weekend.

Heading to the country for repose.

Sleeping under the stars. Wading in a gentle surf.

Miserably not enjoying pork adobo bowls from a James Beard nominee.

As for you: it’s off to Sari Sari Store, a spanking new Filipino lunch stand opening today in Downtown’s Grand Central Market from one of LA’s great culinary power couples. Here’s the slideshow.

We’re talking about Republique’s Margarita Manzke, with some backup from her chef-husband Walter Manzke. They’ve assembled an eye-grabbing red stand under a corrugated roof and shelves bursting with the raw materials that will make you an epic lunch (and eventually dinner) once you occupy one of its encircling stools.

This will involve rice bowls topped with ingredients like a pork adobo fit to be framed. Or arroz caldo porridge with chicken, garlic, scallions and egg. Or maybe something like the breakfast sandwich with garlic pork sausage and achara pickles on a pan de sal roll. That also bears an egg. Eggs for all.

Anyway, don’t even think of leaving without dessert. Because you’ll want to experience what halo-halo is like from a James Beard nominated pastry chef.

Even if the second halo feels vestigial.
Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.


Sari Sari Store
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