The Most Opulent Stay on the Place de la Concorde

Live Like a Monarch at This Parisian Legend

By Sarah Freeman ·
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Up until that whole unpleasant beheading business, Louis XVI really knew how to live.

And if you want to live like Louis, Hôtel de Crillon just reopened its historic doors on Paris’ Place de la Concorde following a $200-million dollar update. Some of that went to procuring a champagne bar with its own caviar cabinet. So, money well spent.

This former palace has played host to all kinds of history since 1758. Declaration signings. Visiting dignitaries and film noir stars. Naughty people in powdered wigs chasing each other all over the antique-accented rooms. Presumably.

Perhaps you’ll make the books in 2017. Enjoying decadent modern dishes on custom China at L’Ecrin. Collaborating with a shiatsu master on travel-weary muscles in Sense spa. Attempting to drink 135 bottles of Champagne under the preserved frescoes and amethyst-dripping chandeliers of Les Ambassadeurs restaurant. Failing spectacularly.

Fortunately, you’ll have booked the Bernstein suite. So then it’ll just be you, your date and an epic Eiffel Tower view from your private balcony.

Despite what they say, this city is not without some romance.
Sarah Freeman

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