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Try the Catskills or the Hamptons, or a Building Here

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Glamping. It’s right up there with jorts and mandals on our list of words we don’t like using, and things that maybe shouldn’t even exist, from a philosophical perspective.

And yet today, we enthusiastically bring news of Terra Glamping Events, an actually pretty awesome luxury camping operation that’s online now and ready to fulfill your wildest glamping dreams. (Should you be the type with glamping dreams.)

So there’s that.

These guys have been setting up some luxurious campsites for some time now out West—but it’s just as of now that they’re willing and able to do the Hamptons, the Catskills, and elsewhere around our own liberal bubble. They’ve got those spacious white safari tents you’re probably picturing, and they’ll bring however many to, say, a downtown rooftop bar, a random field near Bear Mountain, a hiking overlook, or a remote beach in Montauk. Anywhere there’s room for a tent is fair game, really.

The sleeping tents are outfitted with queen-sized memory-foam beds (normally we wouldn’t get into bed details, but it feels imperative when the usual setup in these situations is nylon over rocks), down blankets, rugs, benches, mirrors and Turkish bathrobes. It’s a nice setup for anywhere, let alone a place that normally does not exist. Have a look around.

From there, they’re happy to add:

—a lounging tent, with couches, books, cards and games
—hammocks. Always spring for the hammocks.
—an outdoor lounging area, where you might watch the sunset on a couch with some whiskey. Just an idea.
—a fire pit, which pairs rather nicely with the above idea
—s’mores sticks. Same.
—a dining tent, set to accommodate you and 23 of your closest friends. Less is okay, too.
—yoga stuff
—a personal chef
—a mixologist to man the bar
—spa treatments
—live music
—pretty much anything else you might desire

That’s all, though.

Oh, one more thing for this fine, finally summer-like Friday: we hit up the new Jean-Georges restaurant inside of PUBLIC today to check out the digs and back garden. Head over to UrbanDaddy NYC Facebook for a look.
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