Bowery Beer Garden

A Glorious Beer Garden Right on the Bowery

Over 40 Draft Beers, 80-Plus Screens and a Raw Bar. Sounds About Right.

By Ilana Dadras ·
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We can guess your train of thought.

The skies seem questionable out there.

The forecast says rain all weekend.

So you're just the slightest bit skeptical of making happy hour plans in an open-air beer garden.

All we can promise: Better days are ahead.

The kind where knowing about Bowery Beer Garden reward you. It's a sprawling, open space with a healthy excess of beer, TVs and seafood. Like you like your beer gardens. And it's open in Chinatown.

Really. Al fresco-friendly days are coming. So as soon as the weather's right, find this ever-stretching spread of greenery and long tables down on an unassuming corner of the Bowery. You'll know it when you see it. Have faith.

It's all low-key, friendly and inviting. The type of place you'll do post-work, oyster-fueled happy hour with beer cocktails (like the Bouwerij Road with applejack, lemon, maple syrup and hefeweizen). A place to catch a game. Somewhere to finally do that big birthday dinner, because they're certainly not lacking for space.

Essentially, it's a place to do beer garden things. In a neighborhood where you usually don't do beer garden things. 

And should you demand visions of said greenery, oysters, and cocktails, we've totally got you.

Step right this way.
Ilana Dadras

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