For Your Summertime Flings Over Victoria Harbour

Waterfront Views, Rooftop DJs, And Abundant Bao at Hong Kong’s Kerry Hotel

By Sam Eichner ·
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This summer, you’re off to a place where you’ll...

—Enjoy unobstructed views of Victoria Harbour from your outdoor terrace.

—Considerably increase your soft-shell-crab-bao intake.

—Return home with intriguing facts regarding the geopolitical complexities of autonomous cities.

If you didn’t guess, you’re off to Hong Kong.

Specifically the Kerry Hotel, coming in at sixteen stories, with a stunning waterfront infinity pool, rooftop DJs, and plenty to consume. As these pictures confirm, it’s now open and looking good on Victoria Harbour.

A couple things to know: the spa likely won’t open until August, and The Dockyard—an upscale food stall-type situation with a pop-up kitchen—is still a few weeks out. So you will have something to look forward to if you’re not leaving for Hong Kong tonight.

Whenever you do arrive, you’ll occupy a room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the harbour. Or if you’re in the Presidential Suite, you’ll have an outdoor terrace and a personal bartender. Assuming you want one.

As for activities, there’s Hung Tong for modern Chinese (translation: barbecued prime Iberico pork), the Lobby Lounge for cognac-and-yuzu cocktails and a rooftop bar for DJ-driven frivolity.

There’s also an entire city out there. If you get stuck.
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