Things to do for May 03, 2017

A Rooftop for Beach Revelry, a Patio for Endless Paella

And a Not-Rooftop for Julep-and-Oyster-Fueled Derby Watching

By Ilana Dadras

These Might Be the Beachiest Vibes In Soho

These Might Be the Beachiest Vibes In Soho

Arlo Soho’s rooftop. It’s been transformed into a veritable beach bar, with an outdoor grill resulting in avocado-baja sauce-topped burgers, an oyster and rosé station, baby pools filled with beer bottles and frozen rum-blackberry-banana drinks. You didn’t ask, but you needed to know.

Viberg Boots for Way Less Than They Should Be

Viberg Boots for Way Less Than They Should Be

For the third year, the family-owned Canadian boot and shoe company that is Viberg is holding a sample sale with an array of tasty Canadian boots and shoes. A line is inevitable, as is suddenly having a way better shoe game then everyone else.

Bluegrass, Oysters, Juleps, the Works

Bluegrass, Oysters, Juleps, the Works

It’s one place to watch the Derby. And it’s one that’s going to have a live bluegrass band, unlimited mint juleps and champagne, a killer seafood bar, a whole roasted pig, and surely many people in impressive hats. So dust off that propellered number of yours.

You, on the Patio, With the Paella

You, on the Patio, With the Paella

La Sirena’s should-be-award-winning patio is reopen for the season. Which is great in and of itself, and then moreso because they’re launching Paella Sundays, wherein you’ll enjoy bottomless bowls of Gran Paella (chicken, lamb, razor clams, oysters, charred lemon), a full tapas bar, and kumquat-pansy G&Ts. Or cucumber-black peppercorn G&Ts. Or, fine, just regular G&Ts.

Sundays, 3pm-8pm, La Sirena, 88 9th Ave (Between 16th and 17th), 212-977-6096

Tiki Like the Good Old Days

Tiki Like the Good Old Days

Picture living in the ’50s and ’60s, when tiki was in its heyday, Tiki trio bands played Tiki music in tiki bars, said bars also had burlesque performances, and drinks were vessels overflowing with rum and fruity liquors and perfectly crushed ice. Or just get to Slowly Shirley for their new Exotica Nights series, which has all those things.

Starting May 17, 6pm-late, Slowly Shirley, 121 W 10th St (Between 6th and Greenwich), 212-243-2827

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