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Breakfast Burgers and Chai-Spiced Bacon in Oakland

As Far as Breakfast Spots Go, This One’s Pretty Interesting

By Joe Starkey ·
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Brown sugar chai-spiced bacon.


Okay, great. We’ll take your approval as our cue to say more breakfast-related words now.

Starting with an introduction to Navi Kitchen, Top Chef alumna Preeti Mistri’s new Oakland restaurant that’s now open for breakfast, with lunch coming next week and dinner (hello, Indian pizza) not far behind. Here’s the slideshow.

Enter the main café space and take a seat at the counter. Windows will be everywhere. It’ll be bright. Your server will hand you a menu that looks a lot like this one, and you’ll realize you’ve made a very strong life choice.

One that will lead you directly to things like Croque Gadames with fried eggs, white cheddar, tamarind ketchup and that chai-spiced bacon. Or the Mumbai Morning Burger with pork ginger sausage, more fried egg, more cheese and ghost pepper chutney.

And know that if it’s nice out, you could always head outside to the wraparound patio. Maybe do that once dinner starts up soon. Seems as good a place as any for a beer and some Indian pizza with lamb-and-beef tomato sauce and Italian kale.

You knew there’d be Italian kale.
Joe Starkey

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Navi Kitchen
5000 Adeline St
(at 47th St)
Oakland, CA, 94608


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