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Some Very Famous Ice Cream Can Now Be Found in Pac Heights

Portland Just Gave Us a Salt & Straw

By Joe Starkey ·
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The phrase “ice cream weather” means different things to different people.

Take you, for instance.

You won’t touch the stuff unless you have to put on a light sweater first.

Pretend that’s totally on purpose and make your way to Salt & Straw, the beloved Portland-based provider of frozen delights that just opened its first San Francisco location in Pac Heights. Go on, check it out.

Having noticed the giant “Handmade Ice Cream” sign emblazoned on the windows, you and a few friends will wander in from a park day in Alta Plaza. And then you’ll just sort of hang out and eat ice cream.

Oh, but what ice cream you’ll eat. Sample one of their classic flavors like peach vinegar cobbler with toasted nutmeg or Sightglass Coffee and single-origin Dandelion chocolate with coffee-infused butter toffee.

Enjoy those. Be tempted to pull the trigger, but don’t. Instead, opt for a limited-edition, exclusive-to-San-Francisco flavor like cinnamon ancho with cajeta, which is a type of caramel made from goat’s milk. You can also get any flavor in milkshake or malt form.

And while you’re there, check out all the stuff you can pluck off the wall like mugs, chocolate bars and giant jars of rainbow sprinkles.

Anyone else thinking sprinkle fight?
Joe Starkey

Joe Starkey is the tallest person in the room 90% of the time. He enjoys liquors that aren’t smoky, dive bars that are, and has a vague dread that someone, somewhere might be having more fun than him.


Salt & Straw
2201 Fillmore St
(at Sacramento)
San Francisco, CA, 94115


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