The Buy Line: Four Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Under $400

Everyone Needs One

By Geoff Rynex ·
Welcome back to the Buy Line, where we analyze how the new market forces of menswear—driven by the internet and the rise of a more savvy consumer—have redefined where the intersection of well-made and well-priced lands.

The black leather motorcycle jacket is one of the most versatile pieces in all of fashion. Not only because you can toss it on with just about everything to add an air of rebellion (or a poke at the concept of the air of rebellion), but because its neutrality makes it equally viable for early spring as it is for fall and early winter. With that in mind, here are four that won’t even break the $500 mark.

The Jacket: Thanks to the wonders of the direct-to-consumer model, DSTLD’s got a full-grain version for you it claims will last you 30 years.
The Buy Line: $380

The Jacket: Deadwood’s is the punkest of the bunch. Each one is patched together from pieces of vintage leather, so they’re all a bit different, and all on the lighter, supple side.
The Buy Line: $253

The Jacket: Topman: always reliable.
The Buy Line: $350

The Jacket: Even aside from this bad boy, you should put Selected Homme on your “I need to look good but can’t drop a paycheck” list.
The Buy Line: $369
Geoff Rynex

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