Things to do for March 22, 2017

A Big-Deal Rooftop, a New Wine-Soaked Party and Aspirational Sofas

The Weekend Is Packed With Flavor and Elevation

By Geoff Rynex

A Very Good Reason to Midtown It

A Very Good Reason to Midtown It

Put the folks behind the Monarch, a partner in Chinese Tuxedo and a chef from Rouge Tomate together in a room, and what you’re going to get, apparently, is 6,000 square feet of duck breast and loin of lamb on a bottom floor, and a rooftop of sexy cocktails and sexy views 37 floors above the earth. So this union was a success.

Craftbar’s Responsible

Craftbar’s Responsible

You’ve got four courses of Mexicanity in the form of too-good empanadas, al pastor pork belly and the like, all paired with mezcal or tequila cocktails. You’ve got it at Craftbar. These are the facts you must work with.

Somewhere to Try for the Hell of It

Somewhere to Try for the Hell of It

The intrepid fellow behind the Will Ferrell–themed bar is striking again with a monthly rotating ’80s-themed drinking operation. Madonna or Star Wars–themed cocktails are not out of the question. Use this as you will.

Opens Mar 24, GB85, 174 Rivington St (between Attorney and Clinton)

City Winery’s Getting a Little Wild

City Winery’s Getting a Little Wild

Normally, you think of City Winery as a place to take a date for a charming evening of good wine and tasteful, veteran live music acts. But what if we were to tell you they’re also bringing in Freedom Party to have you dancing into the wee hour of 4am to Caribbean musical sound. Actually, we are telling you that.

Mar 25, 11pm-4am, $20, City Winery, 155 Varick St (at Vandam), 212-608-0555

TRNK Would Like to Make Yours Better

TRNK Would Like to Make Yours Better

TRNK, the vowel-hating interior design experts, are doing a sale of the sample type, which should have you in plush leather sofas, tasteful lamps and plates, and things guests will ask about from now until you decide on a whole new apartment aesthetic.

Mar 25-26, 9am-7pm, TRNK sample sale, 153 Lafayette St, 7th Fl (between Howard and Grand)

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