Things to do for February 08, 2017

Grab a Date. A Lot of Worthy Outings This Weekend.

Sade Night, Meatballs and Tarot Readings, and French Love Potion Drinks

By Ilana Dadras

Go Ahead, Take the Love Test

Go Ahead, Take the Love Test

French perfumers Sous le Manteau have set up shop at the Pierre for a couple weeks. Show up with a date. Take what they’re calling a love test. Hope you pass it. Consult a perfumer about which scent based on a 19th-century French love potion most suits you. Then head to their particularly opulent bar, the Rotunda, where they’ve got five cocktails inspired by the scents. And that’s just about all the perfume-based activity you’ll be able to handle.

It’s Sade Night at Kinfolk

It’s Sade Night at Kinfolk

Specifically, Valentine’s edition of Sade night at Kinfolk. And so, it’s where the resident Sade DJ will be spinning their hits, B-sides, remixes and maybe even some other love songs, too. And so, it might not be too presumptuous to make sure your apartment’s in good order for afterward.

Feb 9, 9pm-2am, Kinfolk, 94 Wythe Ave (at N 11th), Brooklyn, 347-799-2946

We Found Love in a Hopeless Meatball Shop

We Found Love in a Hopeless Meatball Shop

At the Meatball Shop’s Valentine’s party, you’ll enjoy buffalo chicken balls and vodka cocktails, then maybe even indulge a date with their tarot and crystal readers. Oh, and everyone will leave with a custom love spell (whatever that means). Came for the Meatballs, Stayed for the Love Spells: The Story of You.

Feb 10, 8-11pm, Underballs at The Meatball Shop, 200 9th Ave (at 22nd), 212-257-4363

Okay, Yeah, This Is in Hoboken. Wait, Keep Reading.

Okay, Yeah, This Is in Hoboken. Wait, Keep Reading.

Then: A 30-ton coal oven made bread so good that Frank Sinatra would have loaves of it brought to him, wherever he was in the world.
Now: It’s back, in part-bar, part-bakery form, still churning out bread from that 30-ton coal oven. And it might (might) just be worth a trip to Hoboken.

What’s Up Under Cape House

What’s Up Under Cape House

The recently opened New England–style clam shack Cape House is soft-opening their basement music space this weekend. Yep, right where Max Cellar used to be. This time around, you can expect old-school techno, disco and house. Clams and techno, together at last.

Feb 11, 10pm-4am, Cape House, 2 Knickerbocker Ave (between Johnson and Ingraham), Brooklyn, 718-821-2580

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