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Here, Take Some Meat

A&E Supply Co. Has an Impressive Butcher Counter

By Geoff Rynex ·
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“Hey, Bob, would you mind wrapping up that beautiful piece of pork loin for me? I feel like cooking up a mean piece of pig tonight.”

“Sure thing, [your name here].”

“And you know what, let me get a coffee and a double burger, too. I don’t like cooking on an empty stomach.”

“You got it, boss.”

This is one of many conversations you could be having at A&E Supply Co., a butcher, coffee shop and restaurant, now open in Gowanus.

The man behind all this was a sous-chef at Union Square Cafe for a spell and is a Top Chef alum (aren’t they all?).

There will be a full-on restaurant menu coming soon, but for now you’ve got a daily changing bar menu that includes that burger and a ham sandwich that looks like it’s putting all other ham sandwiches on notice. There are also entire animals you can have them chop apart, so you can take said animals away in that satisfying butcher paper and then have the gratification of preparing. They make a big deal of ethical sourcing of their meat, if that’s a factor in your carnivorous endeavors. Then there’s the coffee. Brooklyn Roasting coffee, to be exact.

Our suggested order of operations would be to look up a way-too-ambitious recipe for braised beef, order your preferred cut, grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich while it’s readied, and just bask in the pleasantness of the naturally lit space, from the confines of a yellow chair.

That’s just the color of the chairs they’ve got.
Geoff Rynex

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A&E Supply Co.
548 4th Ave
(at 15th)
Brooklyn, NY, 11215


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