Four New Spots to Get Cozy on Valentine’s Day

Believe It or Not, Only Three of Them Are Treehouses

By Chris LaMorte ·
None 12 Photos Four New Spots to Get Cozy on Valentine’s Day
Let’s gaze into our crystal ball of romantic weekend getaways.

Ah, yes. It’s all becoming clear.

Two people. Together, but all alone. Yes, yes... one of them is definitely you. Also coming into view: bearskin rug, champagne, roaring fire...

It’s really a shame you’re outside, though. Could have been pretty romantic.

Don’t fret: this is not destiny. We have found four new cozy, snug, beautifully appointed cabins to shelter your amorous evening.

You don’t need a crystal ball, either. Just gently peer through this slideshow.

Though the bearskin rug is still your responsibility.
Chris LaMorte

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