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A Cajun Queen Comes to Mission Street

Her Name’s Alba Ray, and She’s Got Some Oysters and Rum for You

By Lauren Sloss ·
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As San Franciscans, we know how to have a good time.

The wine. The camping. The casually constant presence of now-legal substances.

But if anyone’s going to give us a run for our money, it’s going to be New Orleans. Hell, their motto means “Let the good times roll.”

Which is precisely what you’ll do at Alba Ray’s, a fine Cajun queen that’s about to grace the Mission with her jambalaya-and-rum-fueled presence starting tonight. Here she is now.

This is a love letter to New Orleans food, drink and style from the team behind Popsons. And similar to their commitment to burger perfection, Alba Ray’s is all about accurately channeling those NOLA vibes.

Which will be clear from the start as you’re greeted with “Good Eats, Good Drinks, Good Times,” written on the window in gold leaf. Entering, you’ll feel French Quarter proximate as you note the mosaic on the floor and the fern-covered iron arches.

Though we imagine you won’t be too focused on the setting once you get your hands on this menu. Boudin balls. Jambalaya. A raw bar featuring Gulf Coast oysters. Start with those and a frozen Hurricane fresh from the slushy machine.

Should work up an appetite for everything to follow, including forthcoming crawfish boils in February.

Crawfish is for lovers.
Lauren Sloss

Lauren Sloss requires a climate that allows her to wear motorcycle boots daily. She likes her bourbon neat and her martinis dirty, and would like to be the lead singer of a punk rock band when she grows up.

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