A Swiss Chalet to Cure Your Winter Blahs

Fondue Hikes and Hot-Air Balloon Rides May Be Involved

By Chris LaMorte ·
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Hello. We’re here today with a very important message about your health and well-being. Read on for critical, lifesaving information.

Are you or is someone you love experiencing the following symptoms:

—Melted cheese deficiency?
—Fireside-cocktail desire syndrome (FCDS)?
—Snow trek-inosis?
—Sudden compulsions for hot-air balloon rides?
—Trouble sleeping without views of Swiss Alps outside your window?

Then it’s likely you’re suffering from Swiss Alpine Chalet Fever. And you’re not alone.

So we bring news of a miraculous breakthrough: Huus Hotel, a 136-room chalet nestled at the foot of the snow-topped Bernese Alps, should cure what ails you.

First, the owners have taken a traditional hotel near the city of Gstaad and amplified its coziness quotient. (Start by snuggling up to this slideshow.)

You’ll also find your room has been outfitted with windows that provide majestic views of the surroundings and the finest in minibars and Swedish mattresses.

You’ll find yourself on the wraparound terrace sipping hot chocolate, or perhaps next to a roaring fire chatting with a comely Swiss stranger in the common area, or encamped in a dimly lit tapas-filled cave munching on croquettes.

You’ll wonder why all caves are not filled with tapas.

You’ll find that you’ll have a mountain concierge at your disposal ready to set up your days’ snow adventures, which may entail hiking, skiing, snowboarding or even a little dogsledding.

You’ll find yourself on “fondue walks,” where you’re sent out with only a rucksack filled with survival essentials: fondue mix and pan, burner, bread, schnapps and a nice bottle of Swiss wine.

You’ll find yourself, if the conditions are just right, aloft in a hot-air balloon soaring over the mountain peaks.

You’ll find yourself yodeling.

And that’s when you know you’re cured.
Chris LaMorte

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