The Davis Theater

The 98-Year-Old Davis Theater Is Reborn

And This Time It’s Got Fried Chicken and Caramel Corn Old Fashioneds

By Sam Eichner ·
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What with Netflix, Amazon and it being zero degrees outside, there are simply fewer and fewer reasons to go to the actual theater these days.

And yet...

Almost a year since closing for renovations, the 98-year-old Davis Theater is now reopen in Lincoln Square with a gilded age vibe and a brand new good-timery called Carbon Arc Bar & Board. Slideshow time.

Defying all odds, it’s here to renew your long-dormant resolve to watch a movie from somewhere other than a couch. Here’s how...

—Each of the three theaters has the capacity to stream live TV for major sporting events. Which aren’t movies, but still.

—They’re opening with Rogue One. And if Star Wars isn’t your thing—which, okay—this would be a great place to catch some forthcoming Oscar-y movies, too.

—You can order anything from Carbon Arc’s menu—like Korean BBQ tacos or fried chicken with white sausage gravy—and they’ll put it on a tray that hooks into your drink holder. So, yes, it’s dinner during a movie.

—Speaking of Carbon Arc, you’re now privy to that very bar with dark blue booths in which to dissect whatever you just saw over caramel corn Old Fashioneds.

We saved the best four words for last.
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