Things to do for December 14, 2016

You’re Going to Something Called Deck the Hall & Oates This Weekend

Also to Learn About Sports Photography and Eat Damn Good Pizza

By Ilana Dadras

It’s Called Deck the Hall & Oates, So...

It’s Called Deck the Hall & Oates, So...

Here’s where a Hall & Oates cover band will lead you and other like-minded individuals through an evening of holiday-inspired covers, fake celebrity singers and general ‘80s nostalgia. Ready your mustache.

The Latest in Downtown Pizza Spots

The Latest in Downtown Pizza Spots

Good news: Sauce & Barrel, a particularly nice pizzeria with a former Eataly and La Sirena chef, just swung open their doors in FiDi. Good news for anyone who likes pizzas topped with smoked mozzarella and honey, and pizzas topped with candied tangerine, gorgonzola, and chili flakes, and pizzas topped with... Yeah, it’s just good news.

Now open, Sauce & Barrel, 97 Washington St (at Rector), 212-480-6800

These Guys Have Something to Teach You

These Guys Have Something to Teach You

You. Someone else who likes sports. Al Bello, Simon Bruty, John Huet, and Walter Iooss Jr. (a favorite photographer of Michael Jordan) will be sharing photos and stories from their storied careers in sports photography.

What’s Under the McKibbin Lofts

What’s Under the McKibbin Lofts

Remember Lit Lounge? That legendary East Village dive? It’s not back, and never will be. Sadness. But a new place from the same people is here, and it’s part-dive, part-cocktail lounge, with concert posters plastered on the stairwell and an antique shop vibe. Their opening party is a good chance to attend their opening party.

Opens Dec 16, Tilt, 248 McKibbin St (between McKibbin Ct and Seigel Ct), Brooklyn

A 23-Year-Old Is Behind This

A 23-Year-Old Is Behind This

Us: Hey, here’s an attractive upscale Mexican-ish spot in the West Village.
You: What do you mean, Mexican-ish?
Us: Grilled lamb lollipops dipped in chocolate-habanero sauce and topped with gold dust. That sort of thing.
You: Got any pics?
Us: We do, actually.

It’s Back Again. For “Gifts.”

It’s Back Again. For “Gifts.”

Hand-woven leather slides. Brooklyn-made candles. Some handsomely minimal raingear. Marlon Brando-approved leather jackets. It’s true: Pop-Up Flea is back for all your holiday shopping needs, from about 80% of our approved labels. It’s a solid batting average.

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