True Fact #1: You Know People Traveling This Time of Year

True Fact #2: They’d Probably Appreciate One of These Ingenious Gifts

By Sam Eichner ·
There are two things people are more likely to do in December than pretty much any other month of the year:

1) Give gifts.

2) Travel somewhere not-cold.

Hence, this somewhat imperfect transition wherein we plainly inform you of a diverse collection of spectacular gifts for the travelers in your life, which you’ll see as soon as this sentence ends...

For Whom the Runway Is a Runway...

This handcrafted, distressed leather luggage only looks like it was designed before commercial plane travel existed. In reality, it’s outfitted with TSA-approved locks and a ripstop nylon cover for extra protection. Phew. $1,095-$1,200, The Pioneer

We’ve never seen a camera bag quite as photogenic as this Harris tweed and Italian leather one from Hawkesmill. Is that meta? $695, Jermyn Street Camera Bag

Everyone knows someone who travels with, like, a billion different chargers for, like, a billion different accessories they’ll probably never use. This leather roll-up is for that person. Also, sorry for being so hyperbolic. $49, Mark and Graham Leather Charger Roll Up

For Those Who Like to Overshare Their Travels...

Here’s one of those cork globes you stick a bunch of pins into, so when people come over and see it, they ask you about that time you went to Vietnam. $48-$105, Cork Globe

It’s a little insufferable of your friend to send their Instagrams of their trip to wherever to get made into miniature slides they can then show you via this tiny projector. But, hey, it was you who got them this gift in the first place... $40, Projecteo Projector

For Those Seeking Inspiration...

This is a book of considered travel photography from successful fashion photographer Eric Boman. $45, Eric Boman: A Wandering Eye

This is the ultimate explorer’s guide to weird places, strange sites and assorted esoterica scattered across the globe, brought to you by intrepid adventurer website Atlas Obscura. Gift it wisely. $35, Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders

And these are Monocle’s travel guidebooks, showcasing hidden gems for the sophisticated gentleperson in cities like Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Zurich. $15 each, Monocle Travel Guides

For Those Looking to Optimize Their Ride...

The person you give this to: Thanks for the canvas/leather travel bag. You: Look inside. The person you give this to: Oh. There are three carry-on cocktail kits in here, for in-flight Old Fashioneds, G&Ts and Moscow Mules. You: Yup. $90, The Carry-On Cocktail Kit Travel Pack

Last but not least, consider giving someone this comfort kit, featuring an inflatable neck pillow, earplugs and a soft jersey eye mask. They will sleep better. And so will you. $10, In-Flight Comfort Kit
Sam Eichner

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