Fish from Tsukiji, a Chef from Sushi Ran and You from Wherever You’re From

Before the Symphony, Before a Show at Bill Graham, Here

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Today, our focus will be on Hinata, an attractive new omakase situation that’s now soft-open on Van Ness.

First, have a look around. Then, have a menu. Then, read the rest of these words...

It’s a team effort between Gavin Leung and Weida Chen, who’ve wielded knives at Zushi Puzzle, at Saison’s sushi pop-up with Jiro Lin, at Sushi Ran, at Ijji. You get it.

But if their chops aren’t draw enough, the intimate space, centered around a 12-seat, wooden, live-edge sushi bar, will be. There are only 28 seats total, all of which are lit by glowing lights creating a sense of welcoming warmth. And glee. Some glee will also likely come into play.

You’ll come here before a performance at the symphony or a Chance the Rapper show at Bill Graham. Musical inclinations aside, though, omakase beforehand sounds like excellence.

Especially since it’ll include three pieces of sashimi, 12 pieces of nigiri showcasing fish from the famed Tsukiji Market in Tokyo and supplements like sea urchin with caviar and silver flake. Yes, sake will also be involved.

And then there’s the à la carte menu for quicker meals, which might include toro caviar with gold flake and Wagyu beef with truffle.

Like most quick meals do.
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