Things to do for December 07, 2016

This Weekend, You Go Underground

To a Password-Protected Bar and a Subterranean Christmas Party That Just Made the Naughty List

By Sam Eichner

Have a Very Tiki Christmas

Have a Very Tiki Christmas

Just think of Sippin’ Santa’s Surf Shack as the same old Lost Lake, except with thousands of twinkling lights, a festive playlist and special holiday-forward tiki drinks created by Paul McGee and his friends from New Orleans’s Latitude 29 and NYC’s Boilermaker. Nice thought, isn’t it...

Through Dec 31, Lost Lake, 3154 W Diversey Ave, 773-961-7475

Password-Protected Truffle Fries

Password-Protected Truffle Fries

Sure, the whole “speakeasy” thing is pretty played out. But try convincing yourself that Meet & Whiskey, a password-protected bar underneath Randolph Row BBQ stalwart Porkchop—where you can eat truffle fries and drink barrel-aged whiskey drinks while lounging on antique furniture—sounds un-fun. (It’s okay if you don’t want to.)

Your Out-of-Town Guests Stay Here Now

Your Out-of-Town Guests Stay Here Now

A word of advice for those about to host out-of-towners: the Robey and the Hollander now exist at the six corners in Wicker Park. The former’s a boutique hotel with a fancy French-American café; the latter’s a social-media-forward hostel. And if you want to know more, here you go.

Now open, The Robey, 2018 W North Ave, 872-315-3050; now open, The Hollander, 2022 W North Ave, 872-315-3080

A Timeline of Two Very Important New Menus

A Timeline of Two Very Important New Menus

At happy hour: Head to GT Fish & Oyster for their new four-course oyster tasting menu with shooters, sliders and poke spoons.
After midnight: Swing by Mott St for their new late-night menu with Asian-inspired hot dogs and ramen cotton candy. Feel free to read the words “ramen cotton candy” again.

This Christmas Party Just Made the Naughty List

This Christmas Party Just Made the Naughty List

On Saturday, you’re attending a rather iniquitous “Dark Christmas” party at SPiN, where leather-clad Mrs. Clauses dance, evil elves play with fire and snow queens double as trapeze artists. Needless to say, your office Christmas party has a lot to live up to this year.

Dec 10, 9pm, no cover with RSVP, SPiN, 344 N State St, 773-635-9999

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