A Most Charming Villa Tucked into the Tropical Jungle

Your Winter Escape Route Runs Through St. Barts

By Ilana Dadras ·
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The secret to surviving a long, dark winter: escaping the long, dark winter.

And seeing as it’s right about mid-December, it’s time to start planning your warm-weather escape route.

If all goes well, your path should lead you here: Villa Marie Saint-Barth, a beauty of a hotel tucked into the tropical jungles of the West Indies, opening next Friday.

This gem consists of 21 unique bungalows, with an outdoor pool, a rum bar and a French eatery. So, basically everything. It comes from a group that knows a thing or two about hotels: this is their 11th luxury hotel opening, and the first in the area—the others are scattered across the French Alps, Provence and the Mediterranean.

It’s luxurious without being pretentious, with whitewashed wooden bungalows full of bright and colorful decor, each with a private terrace overlooking the lush greenery of the island. Yeah, we thought it sounded like something you’d like. (But should you need further persuasion, check out the slideshow.)

You’ll spend your days lounging by the outdoor pool, maybe moseying over to the beach, maybe returning to a heated shell massage, because why the hell not.

Food-wise, you need not venture far: from lobster club sandwiches by the pool to a restaurant serving up French coastal goodness like spiced, roasted bluefin tuna and lobster flambéed with aged rum, you’re pretty much covered on the sustenance front.

And late-night, you’ll head to their amply stocked rum bar for spiked punch, then maybe drop by the fumoir before you head to bed for a peaceful island sleep.

Take that, winter.
Ilana Dadras

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Villa Marie Saint-Barth
Colombier, 97133
French West Indies
+33 4 57 74 74 74
official website


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