Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Has a Home

And It’s Designed to Make You Even Handsomer

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Looks like a black shearling parka is in your future.

We’re jealous.

But first, you must visit Todd Snyder, the long-awaited physically extant shop for Todd Snyder clothing and other things the man himself thinks you should have. It’s open now in NoMad.

The words “man’s paradise” get thrown around a lot these days. Well, not really, but this is one such place (and here’s a look at it). Here’s what you’ll find:

—All of the wonderful-looking habiliments Todd Snyder creates, of course, including his new Black and White Label suiting collections, and new selvage denim. We’re particularly coveting that parka right now.

—A tailoring shop for those suits.

—Limited collaborations and wonderful-looking habiliments, footwear and accessories from other labels, including Crockett & Jones, Mackintosh, Timex, etc.

—Jason Markk shoe-cleaning kits, which are so key to a modern life in which sneakers are so key to modern life.

—Shops-in-shop for Moscot, Aesop and Alden.

—Various furniture and art that looks like part of the shop, and is, but that you can also buy.

—The Persons of Interest barbershop, and a café and bar presided over by Nick Morgenstern (stay tuned to our Facebook page for a look at those).

—Your bank account cleared out.
Geoff Rynex

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Todd Snyder
25 Madison Sq N
(at Madison)
New York, NY, 10010


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