The Finest Nachos in All of Los Angeles

Welcome Back. Have a Bunch of Nachos.

By Garrett Snyder ·
None 9 Photos The Finest Nachos in All of Los Angeles
Oh, nachos, let us sing your praises.

You were there for happy hour. You were there for last call. You were there for every professional sporting event ever.

All we’re saying is that, nachos, no matter how weird your toppings get, you always manage to fill our stomachs and our hearts.

So here’s our humble tribute: a slideshow we’re calling the Finest Nachos in All of Los Angeles, featuring nine plates of chips with magical things on them.

Yes, one of those things is lobster.
Garrett Snyder

Garrett Snyder is based in Los Angeles. He enjoys vintage tiki bars, charcuterie platters and any movie in which Steve McQueen does his own stunts.

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