It’s the First Countryside Resort in Nicaragua

Doing Yoga. Riding ATVs. Watching Monkeys. All at One Glorious Resort.

By Chris LaMorte ·
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You’re probably looking to get away from it all right about now.

Maybe visit a remote mountaintop somewhere and just do yoga for a while. Become one with the universe. Things like that.

Maybe you just want to drive around in an ATV. That’s okay, too.

Maybe you’re just thinking about living with the monkeys.

Hey, whatever puts you in your happy place.

Just know that Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat, a choose-your-own-adventure getaway in the Nicaraguan forests, is now open.

This is a first-of-its-kind resort in Nicaragua. It rests on a 1300-acre nature reserve and consists of a giant residential compound with four smaller villas designed to house your family, friends and anyone else you’ve brought along who's ready for clay pigeon shooting, massages and horseback riding. We assume you know a few people who fit that description. (These images should help you convert those who don’t.)

Your day begins with an outdoor shower overlooking a glorious vista and breakfast with your troops. From there... decisions, decisions:

Maybe someone heads off to surf. Someone else goes on a helicopter tour. Yet another guest chooses the shooting range. Someone does a spa day.

You, however, opt for a day of monkey-watching in the jungle to relax.

Just like Tarzan did.
Chris LaMorte

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Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat
Nandaime, Nicaragua,
+ 505-7833-8037


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