Oh, the Queso Fries You’ll Eat and the Wine You’ll Drink Here

Just You, a Date and a Balthazar Vet. And a Bunch of Other People.

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Queso fries.


Shall we proceed? We’ll proceed.

To a place where those and other delicious curiosities exist at Commerson. It’s an attractive new Mid-City restaurant and wine bar under the watchful eye of a chef who cut his teeth at Balthazar, and it opens next Friday. Slideshow’s here, menu’s here.

Your plan of action when the time inevitably comes: find a leather booth in the corner. Have a date with you. Make sure that date enjoys gripping conversation and wild-caught octopus with creamy polenta and pesto. The former sommelier of Les Marchands will make a cameo and suggest a bottle of cab franc.

You’ll oblige him and think about how that wraparound metal bar over there would be a good place to bring some friends after work for whiskey rounds and a few orders of fries covered with Niman Ranch pork, guacamole, sriracha and chili con queso.

But since it’s not after work, and you’re not with those friends, consider escorting your current companion out to the breezy front patio. You can stay out there until 1am just sort of ordering oysters and wine and making each other laugh before heading out into the blossoming morning.

Seriously, though, queso fries.

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