The Five Most Stylish Things to Put on Your Radar This Week

We Call It: Five Easy Pieces

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Uniqlo U. “I can’t say enough how much I appreciate being able to populate my wardrobe with really great, minimalist stuff for very little money. I picked up a handful of pieces from the two seasons of Uniqlo x Lemaire, and now that it looks like a full-time partnership, I’m going to keep it going. For every paycheck-swallowing piece I stupidly buy, it’s really nice to know I can match them seamlessly with something affordable. They just dropped a new shipment today, so get on it.” —Geoff Rynex

Layers. “I’m prepared for winter this year. Thanks in part to this L.L.Bean jacket I picked up on the way to Montreal last winter. It was a last-minute trip and it was 20 below. I didn’t think my peacoat alone would cut it, and I was right. But I was nervous that I was sacrificing style for function. There I was wrong. The collar props up nicely when worn under the peacoat and actually gives the look a little edge. Or as much edge as you can accomplish at 20 below.” —Nathan Wahl

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash. “The wife picked this stuff up over the weekend and put it in our shower—a recurring phenomenon that has done wonders for my hygiene over the years—and it is indeed fantastic, as advertised. Especially because it smells good. And also cleans good. Which is to say this stuff is good. If you’re looking to change up your grooming routine for winter, I’d give this a shot. Also, we’ve got more on that in our Winter Style Guide, launching today.” —Najib Benouar

A.P.C. Ethan Ankle Boot. “When fall rolls around, my mind goes to footwear. Now that I am out of college and looking to spruce up my wardrobe, I have my eyes set on this suede Chelsea boot. Buying anything fresh out of college is an investment. I need something I can get mileage out of both in style and durability. This whiskey-brown Chelsea can be the anchor of a wardrobe. They will look sharp under cords, tweed, jeans—virtually every pair of pants I have in my closet at the moment. The genuine calfskin leather and reinforced sole mean they’ll endure a hell of a lot of wear. Denver’s astonishingly warm 50-degree fall/winter days will be missed, but I was born and raised just outside of Chicago. These boots won’t get me through knee-high snow, but I’ll pick these up before too long and—like every other year—blissfully ignore the inevitable.” —Nick Anderson

Appreciating Leather Things. “I’m currently writing this paragraph from Fez, Morocco, a city known for its large and labyrinthine walled medina. It’s an exhausting place—an awe-and-headache-inducing combination of sights, smells, occasional donkey crossings and frequent attempts on the part of locals to get you to spend money. I sort of hate it; I sort of love it. Anyway. The other day we were walking around looking for an old tannery—they’re famous for those here—and a self-proclaimed ‘guardian of the tannery’ took us on a little abbreviated tour of one. The ground was littered in hair from sheep. Skins were being dunked in pools of brownish liquid—we later learned it was pigeon poop—then dunked in another pool of cloudy gray liquid, then spun to dry on this large wheel. It smelled like shit and death and ammonia and only slightly of leather. To be honest, I felt a little bit woozy. But walking back out and returning to stall upon stall of leather goods—bags and shoes and purses and duffels and wallets and belts—it struck me how rarely we have the opportunity to see where something’s made nowadays. And that felt worth the guilt-induced tip I paid for the two-minute tour. If anything, it’s given me a far greater appreciation of my favorite boots.” —Sam Eichner

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