A Gentleman’s Guide to Scarves by Temperature

Your Neck and Face Coverings Ranked by Degrees Fahrenheit

By Nathan Wahl ·
Scarves are emerging. And they’ll continue to emerge as autumn becomes winter.

They’ll come in droves. In silks, cottons, cashmeres, all the way up to industrial-strength wools. And it’s a confusing time because, like, which do you wear at what temperature? When does a scarf turn from practical to feeling like you’re being choked by a Brillo pad? Why do snoods exist?

Because we’re concerned about these things, we’ve ranked your best options by degrees Fahrenheit...

Todd Snyder
Now, don’t go overboard. There’s enough pattern here to carry your outfit. Wear your favorite jeans, a black blazer and a white tee, and you’re set.

Ralph Lauren
At this temperature, keep the chunkiness in your sweaters and jackets. Let your scarves be light and easy. And polka-dot-y.

Ovadia & Sons
We’re not necessarily endorsing tassels, but sometimes it’s the price you have to pay for a standout and extremely comfortable scarf.

Begg & Co
Made of lambswool and cashmere. This is the kind of thing you want wrapped around your face when the breeze is blowing.

Bickley + Mitchell
Say what you want about the silliness of the word “snood.” Because a snood by any other name does a phenomenal job of keeping you warm at this temperature.

When it’s so cold, you’re like, “Fuck it. I’ll just wear the whole blanket.”

Nathan Wahl watched a lot of Roseanne growing up and wonders how much bearing that has on who he is as a person now.

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