A Gentleman’s Guide to Scarves by Temperature

Your Neck and Face Coverings Ranked by Degrees Fahrenheit

By Nathan Wahl ·

Scarves are emerging. And they’ll continue to emerge as autumn becomes winter.

They’ll come in droves. In silks, cottons, cashmeres, all the way up to industrial-strength wools. And it’s a confusing time because, like, which do you wear at what temperature? When does a scarf turn from practical to feeling like you’re being choked by a Brillo pad? Why do snoods exist?

Because we’re concerned about these things, we’ve ranked your best options by degrees Fahrenheit...

At this temperature, the scarf is a pure accessory; it has little-to-nothing to do with keeping your neck warm. So go full out. Try this ostentatious silk number with a simple navy suit or black blazer and dress jeans. $154, Paul Smith

Keep the chunkiness in your sweaters and jackets for a wee bit longer. Let your scarves be light and easy. And, ideally, woven from indigo-dyed cotton. $125, Il Bussetto (via Mr Porter)

We don't always go for plaid, but sometimes it’s the price you have to pay for a standout and extremely comfortable Italian cotton-and-wool scarf. $230, Acne Studios (via Odin New York)

Made of lambswool and cashmere. This is the kind of thing you want wrapped around your face when the breeze is blowing. $215, Begg & Co.

Say what you want about the silliness of the word “snood.” Because a snood by any other name does a phenomenal job of keeping you warm at this temperature. $78, Bickley + Mitchell (via Flying Point Surf)

When it’s so cold, you’re like, “Fuck it. I’ll just wear the whole blanket.” $36, Zara

The original version of this article ran on November 1, 2016.

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