The Most Tempting Canadian Real Estate

Just in Case You Want to Know Your Options After the Election

By Chris LaMorte ·
32745484af82a06e58d93ab0e328be609 PhotosThe Most Tempting Canadian Real Estate
When people say petulant things like “If __________ wins this election, I’m moving to Canada,” it’s annoying.

First, we bet you one solid Canadian loonie they won’t. Even though people who say things like “If __________ wins this election, I’m moving to Canada” are exactly the kind you wish would leave.

But second, and more importantly, Canada is a pretty damn nice place to live. Anyone could be lured into living north of the border. It doesn’t take your candidate losing an election.

To prove it: we’ve pulled together some of the most tempting real estate the Great White North has to offer.

We’re talking everything from UFO-shaped cabins you can rent for a night to private islands you can own—if you decide you want to go all in.

Buying your own island: the ultimate protest vote.

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