Things to do for October 12, 2016

Honeyed Rum Punch, Prime Rib from the Mission Folks and Made-to-Measure Suits

Brought to You by the Corporation for Public Weekending

By Ilana Dadras

The hills are alive with the sound of weekend.

A New Place to Acquire Combatant Gentlemen

A New Place to Acquire Combatant Gentlemen

Before six suits and two new blazers from Combatant Gentlemen hit their webshop, they’ll be available for a week in this (and a few other) Bloomingdale’s—along with other handsome clothing-items and touchscreens to design made-to-order suits and summon tailors via made-to-measure appointments. Sounds like something you should know.

Once More for Booker and Dax

Once More for Booker and Dax

The time has come to bid farewell to Booker and Dax. But first, the time will allow for a final party with throwback cocktails (safe to assume Dave Arnold will make an appearance) and some of the menu’s all-time highlights served until midnight, all followed by a party until late. The time is thoughtful like that.

A Possibly Haunted Date Night

A Possibly Haunted Date Night

This Saturday, Green-Wood (the park with all the natural beauty and the dead) will stay open way later than usual. You’ll show up with a date, have drinks, then wind through pathways and under starlit trees catching live music, dance performances, readings, films and the like. You could not show up with a date, but that would throw off our whole plan for you.

What Else Is New
Many Beehives and Drinks

Many Beehives and Drinks

What: A new cocktail bar from Todd English in the former Ça Va space.
With: A big stress on its rooftop beehives.
How so: You’ve got food like truffle-honey shrimp dumplings and drinks like honeyed rum punch served in three sizes: “Beehave,” “Buzz” and “Sting.”
The theme: Just... everywhere.

Costumes, Martinis, Prime Rib, Etc.

Costumes, Martinis, Prime Rib, Etc.

The day before Halloween, you can show up to Mission Chinese in costume to partake in a set menu of martinis, endless wine, hickory-smoked prime rib and pureed potatoes inspired by SF’s legendary House of Prime Rib. Hot tip: always partake in things that include the word “legendary.”

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