It’s Called Duchess. It’s Got Fried Chicken and a Former Nopa Pastry Chef.

You Can Eat Three Square Meals a Day Here, and You Probably Should

By Lauren Sloss ·
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There are three times of day when you require sustenance:

Morning, noon and night.

There. The universe has just made its case for Duchess, a new café, restaurant and bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner that’s now open in Rockridge. The slideshow’s here and the menu’s here.

This is the passion project of a pair of friends who met through San Francisco’s wine industry years back. One owns a winery. The other did a stint as an assistant pastry chef at Nopa. They’re both good people to have in charge of your nights out.

You’ll enter off College Avenue, taking time on your way in to notice the modern-art-y, succulent-filled planters climbing the outside wall. But please, do go inside. It could be morning. Could be night. Either way, to your right will be a bar that was put on this planet for the express purpose of keeping you in Bitter and Twisted cocktails made with mezcal and white vermouth. Go to her.

There’s also an upstairs bar. You could get some chicken-liver-mousse-filled donuts, fried chicken or a 55-hour pastrami sandwich up there.

Which is really just so many hours.
Lauren Sloss

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