A New Thing from the Sabrosa and Brixton Guys

Spiced-Wine Cocktails and Fat Steaks Come to the Hotel Zeppelin

By Lauren Sloss ·
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The allure of a properly executed hotel restaurant is strong.

So much mystery and possibility. So many wandering eyes in search of fleeting adventures. So many pizza ovens left behind by Wolfgang Puck.

Perhaps that last part is exclusive to Rambler, a new place to sip spiced-wine cocktails and go wherever the foie-gras-torchon-scented wind takes you, now open in the Hotel Zeppelin. Have a look around and a menu.

The team behind Sabrosa and the Brixton are involved here, along with a chef from Salt House and a bar star from Rich Table. And, yes, the space was formerly Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio, and his legendary pizza oven remains.

Now that you’re armed with a few talking points, pop in with a date or without a date and start exploring the two distinct spaces. There’s the brasserie with black-and-white tiles, brown leather everywhere and a glowing bar where they keep all the Miyata Mules with Japanese whiskey, kaffir and lemongrass.

And then there’s the cozy downstairs dining room with its soft gray banquettes and mid-century metal screens. That corner booth will do nicely for some wood-fired octopus and a bordelaise-topped, bone-in ribeye.

They always do.
Lauren Sloss

Lauren Sloss requires a climate that allows her to wear motorcycle boots daily. She likes her bourbon neat and her martinis dirty, and would like to be the lead singer of a punk rock band when she grows up.

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