Things to do for October 05, 2016

Andrew Carmellini and Grandmaster Flash Star in Your Weekend

They Do the Burgers and Beats, Respectively

By Ilana Dadras

When in doubt, weekend.

On the Topic of Good Fall Clothes

On the Topic of Good Fall Clothes

Let’s talk about Woolrich and their natty John Rich & Bros. label. Specifically, where they’ll be having a sample and stock sale with flannels, blankets and handsome fur-lined down parkas for way less than they should be. You: 1. This weather: 0.

Through Oct 9, Woolrich, 260 5th Ave (between 28th and 29th)

Well, Hey, Grandmaster Flash

Well, Hey, Grandmaster Flash

Tomorrow night, you’ll be heading to House of Yes, because NY hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash will be doing a DJ set. No, there isn’t a choice.

Aggressive Carnivorousness

Aggressive Carnivorousness

It’s called the All About the Beast dinner series, and it’s where you choose from whole goat, a trio of beef dishes and a quartet of roasted pheasant, partridge, rabbit and quail, and then get them amongst sides like foie gras mashed potatoes. Pack an artery.

Starting Oct 7, $300-$825, Kingsley, 190 Ave B (at 12th), 212-674-4500

Barano’s Brunch Sounds Damn Good

Barano’s Brunch Sounds Damn Good

Fried rabbit with pecorino-honey biscuits. Mortadella hash with tomato-parmesan hollandaise. Wood-fired brioche with housemade Nutella and cannoli whipped cream. Grilled-gooseberry sparkling rosé. We assume the gooseberries taste like gooseberries.

Sat-Sun, 11am-3pm, Barano, 26 Broadway (between Wythe and Kent), Brooklyn, 347-987-4500

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Fast Food, Carmellini-Style

Fast Food, Carmellini-Style

Andrew Carmellini’s dispensing burgers, fries and soft-serve out of an Airstream trailer (it’s right next to the William Vale hotel, where his spot Westlight lives). And there’s a sentence you never thought you’d read.

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