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By Geoff Rynex ·
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Tonight, you’re sitting with a few friends at a six-person table with an endcap made of a road case, going over the various happenings of your respective days. Maybe a Syndergaard vs. Bumgarner debate breaks out. Bets are made. Hopes: hoped. But most importantly, you’re doing this bonding over steaming bowls of noodles on what looks like it’ll be a chilly evening.

This is our prediction.

And it’ll happen at Mew Men, a stage-lit ramen place that happens to have one of our favorite names. It’s open now on the charming block that is Cornelia Street.

The team behind this runs Izakaya Mew and just opened Atoboy this past summer, so they’re riding a hot hand. You know what else is hot? The ramen. Apologies for that terrible joke, but let’s talk noodles and broth (menu here). There are five types, including the signature version, the shoyu-chintan, which contains soy-sauce chicken broth, pork chashu, chicken chashu, scallion and marinated snow peas. For the spice-inclined, we advise trying the kara-shoyu, which includes pork cooked with jalapeño and habanero.

Over in the slideshow, you’ll see both of those, along with something that looks suspiciously like cornflake fried chicken. In terms of surroundings, you’ll also see a room filled with old computers and a reel-to-reel. That’s the DJ booth. Music’s a big thing here.

And for a limited time,* all you have to do to see all this is go to the slideshow.

*Time is actually unlimited.
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