The Nine Best Things We’ve Seen This Week

A Retrospective of September 24-30

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Much of our job revolves around staring at computer screens, finding things that have made our lives better and will do the same for you. We care that much. Here are this week’s findings...

@idaniphotography started advocating a new push-up routine at his recent shoot.

The Havana Freeman Sportcoat Camo Jacquard—we don’t usually buy into the camo thing, but this has us reconsidering our stance.

Out of Mind: Time is, like, only in your head, man, according to Wired.

A photo posted by Alex Mill (@alexmillny) on Sep 29, 2016 at 3:26pm PDT

@alexmillny made us want to jump into a suitcase.

Deveaux Elasticated Pintuck Pant—we touched on this earlier in the week. Just wanted to reiterate our love for this.

Trusty Presidents Use GIF: Hillary shimmied. The Internet got Shaq involved.

@thecoolhunter_ kind of blew our minds.

David Hart Oxblood Birdseye Polo—this should come with a trumpet and a lifetime supply of cool.

Youth Movement: Apparently Michael Chabon’s son is a 13-year-old fashion luminary.

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