Banish Yourself to This Tiny Island

It’s Got Massage Huts, Catamarans and Infinity Pools, So You’ll Be Okay

By Chris LaMorte
72b854f0df1d00669574dc62c744ed1717 PhotosPink Sands Club
The first US presidential debate is over.

The next one is October 9.

Now, if on October 10 you find yourself booking a one-way ticket to Vancouver, we want you to stop, take a deep breath and consider something:

The Grenadines is a much, much warmer option.

Plus, Pink Sands Club happens to now be taking reservations for that very day to welcome you with a warm heart and a cool cocktail.

This collection of newly built villas and suites is located on a discreet three-square-mile island near Barbados called Canouan, which has gone through a bit of a $120 million renaissance. (No one said renaissances were cheap.)

It’s just the kind of place to revel in the humble pleasures of island life, like infinity pools, three-tiered tanning decks and digitally controlled guest suites. Put your toe into this slideshow for a tour.

While you’re here, you’ll do island-ish things. Lunch on tapas while overlooking the Atlantic. Sip mimosas at the swim-up bar. Commandeer a catamaran to explore the nearby islands.

Or you’ll do none of that.

Instead, you’ll hop a boat to a thatched-roof hut in the middle of the crystal-blue lagoon. You’ll lie on a massage table and watch fish swim through the glass floor while someone kneads your knots into oblivion.

But remember: the fish will be watching you, too.

Chris LaMorte’s favorite lapel: peak. Favorite bulldog: French. Can you offer him a glass of champagne: yes. Often mistaken for: Zach Galifianakis. Often mistakes himself for: Bradley Cooper.


Pink Sands Club
Carenage Bay
Canouan Island, VC 0450
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
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