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Nothing Short of Glasses Heaven

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Sunny day out there today. Very sunny.

Almost makes you want to pick up a pair of sunglasses that only exist in one place.

A place like Designer Eyes, an especially accommodating place to get your next pair of sunglasses or regular glasses. It’s open now at Westfield World Trade Center.

Look around. Have you ever seen such UV-protective splendor? The deal here is that a lot of what they have is hard to find or not even out yet anywhere else. That’s why you come.

The other big reason is their army of concierges to coddle your sunglasses with great tenderness. They handle cleanings, adjustments, repairs, matching you with glasses that meet your exact specifications, getting you champagne... That kind of thing. Oh, right, there’s a cappuccino and champagne counter, because deciding which pair from the Tom Ford Private Collection or which limited-edition Dior frames are for you is thirsty work.

And should you not want to move in any way in order to have those concierge services performed, they’ll just come on over to your place and do everything there. Except the champagne part.

That’d be ridiculous.
Geoff Rynex

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Designer Eyes
at Westfield World Trade Center
185 Greenwich St, 2nd Fl
(near Vesey)
New York, NY, 10007


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