Things to do for September 21, 2016

May Your Weekend Be Full of Caramel-Bourbon Milkshakes

But Also Good Fall Boots and Bloody Mary Ceviche

By Ilana Dadras

Imagine that: weekend, as far as the eye can see.

Lobster Rolls and Bourbon-Caramel Milkshakes

Lobster Rolls and Bourbon-Caramel Milkshakes

For an end-of-summer party, the folks at Black Tap will be slinging bourbon-caramel milkshakes with brownie-batter-and-cookie-dough rims and donut garnishes in the garden at David Burke Kitchen. There will also be lobster rolls and baked oysters. But we’ve got to assume we had you at donut garnishes.

The Timeliest of Boot Pop-Ups

The Timeliest of Boot Pop-Ups

For just a couple more days, the folks over at Red Wing Heritage will be set up in SoHo with a bunch of classic American-made boots, oxfords and chukkas, in addition to some of their new fall line. Which includes additional American-made boots, oxfords and chukkas.

Through Sep 23, 11am-7pm, Red Wing Heritage pop-up, 98 Thompson St (between Spring and Prince), 844-314-6246

Waiter, There’s Bourbon in My Coffee

Waiter, There’s Bourbon in My Coffee

It’s that West Village spot with the Blue Water Grill–vet chef, and damn is its brunch menu good: coffee-bourbon cocktails, spicy tuna avocado toast, seafood Bloody Mary ceviche, chocolate babka french toast. Love a good babka.

Sat-Sun, 11am-4pm, Fifty, 50 Commerce St (at Barrow), 212-524-4104

On Sundays, We Eat Red Sauce

On Sundays, We Eat Red Sauce

This Sunday, and for many Sundays to come, Italian-American chef Paul DiBari will be serving up all things drenched in marinara sauce. Think: eggplant meatballs, pork braciole, mozzarella in carrozzo and some half-price bottles of wine to wash it all down. Just like Nonna would have wanted.

Act Fast. It’s a Stranger Things Party.

Act Fast. It’s a <em>Stranger Things</em> Party.

It’s the weekend before Halloween. You’re in Lot 45, listening to ’80s music, eating waffles, playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. You’re surrounded by people dressed like a frantic Winona Ryder. You’re pleased at your foresight to have acquired tickets so far in advance.

Tickets available now for Oct 21-23, 10pm-2am, $20-$60, Lot 45, 411 Troutman St (between Wyckoff and St. Nicholas), Brooklyn, 347-505-9155, tickets here

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