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10 Glorious Oktoberfest Drinking Vessels

Copper Beer Steins, Ox Horns and Other Ways to Properly Oktoberfest

By Sam Eichner ·
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Ah, Oktoberfest...

The one time of year when you can have a pint of beer in one hand, a currywurst in the other, and not find it unusual to be simultaneously dancing along while several jubilant old German men play the hell out of some accordions.

It’s the finest beer-drinking occasion around, and it’s one we’re helping you celebrate accordingly this year with a collection of unique, ornate and otherwise compelling Oktoberfest-appropriate drinking vessels.

Inside, you’ll find everything from oak barrel mugs to handblown crystal steins to sizable Viking drinking horns to...

We could keep listing stuff, but you’ve got a slideshow to catch.
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