Things to do for August 31, 2016

Glorious Steaks, Point Break Live and Asking Mel Brooks Anything

It’s a Long Weekend. You’ll Fit It All In.

By Ilana Dadras

The long and winding weekend, that leads to your door.

If You’re Doing Labor Day Yourself...

If You’re Doing Labor Day Yourself...

Should you have access to a grill this weekend, get your hands on Strip House’s grilling kit. Then top the grill with barrel-cut filets, prime-center-cut NY strips, dry-aged boneless ribeyes, various salts, oils, lard, fresh rosemary and roasted garlic bulbs. Should you not have access to one, check out our Labor Day Guide, and leisure hard.

Available through Sep 2, $250, Strip House Midtown, 15 W 44th St (between 5th and 6th), 212-336-5454

Paying Much Less for Cadet

Paying Much Less for Cadet

Here. Here’s where you get older Cadet, and newer Cadet, and off-the-runway Cadet and Cadet samples at up to 80% off. Sounds favorable.

Aug 31-Sep 5, Cadet, 46 N 6th St (between Wythe and Kent), Brooklyn, 718-715-1695

Go Ahead, Ask Mel Brooks Anything

Go Ahead, Ask Mel Brooks Anything

On the heels of Gene Wilder’s untimely passing this week, Radio City will screen Blazing Saddles tomorrow. It should be cathartic and, as always, hilarious. Mel Brooks himself will be there to discuss its creation and answer whatever questions you may have for him.

You. Someone Else. Point Break. Laughter.

You. Someone Else. <em>Point Break</em>. Laughter.

Step 1: Acquire Point Break–appreciating date.
Step 2: Ask said date to join you at this staged comedic reenactment of Point Break at a surf bar in the Rockaways.

And... those are about all the steps you’ll need.

What Else Is New
Getting Handsomer Inside Chelsea Market

Getting Handsomer Inside Chelsea Market

Now we’ll let you know that Fellow Barber has set up shop inside the Chelsea Market, so you can swing by for a trim or a shave or whatever. And then get a taco. And then get some chocolate. Some spices. And then, both full and handsome, dodge 3,000 tourists on your way out.

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