The State of New York Brunch Cocktails

It’s Strong. Have a Look.

By Geoff Rynex
A603bd11f808a2e1c0e0b760ea8d502f7 PhotosThe State of New York Brunch Cocktails
You can’t ever seem to quit brunch. Despite the occasional snarky Internet screed against it, it remains irresistible.

Who doesn’t want to wake up at a leisurely 10:30am on a Saturday and stroll over to some quaint garden with friends and be served fluffy pancakes with such-and-such a compote and wash them down with a Bloody?

You, that’s who.

Because as good as Bloodys are, you can do better. You can get more creative. You can look at the State of New York Brunch Cocktails right here.

Geoff Rynex is the only person named Geoff Rynex in the history of mankind. He would rather have the best burger than the best steak, likes hearing bartender stories and spends too much money on clothes.

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