Things to do for August 10, 2016

Rooftop Visitors, the Four Seasons Revival and Little Bangkok

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s the Weekender

By Geoff Rynex

This is the dawning of the age of the weekend.

Putting Your Faith in Wallflower and the Eddy

Putting Your Faith in Wallflower and the Eddy

You seem to do just fine on your own when it comes to choosing things to eat. But the chefs at Wallflower and at the Eddy, they’re still better. Which is why each night they’re now offering an improvised-on-the-spot tasting menu that’ll be different for each person. Feel special.

Available now, $75, Wallflower, 235 W 12th St (at Greenwich), 646-682-9842; and $95, The Eddy, 342 E 6th St (at 1st), 646-895-9884

A Tribute to the Four Seasons

A Tribute to the Four Seasons

In a place called Oreya at a hotel called the Capri in a place called Southampton, they’re going to recreate the original Four Seasons menu for one night, and they’re going to toss in a new rare-champagne cocktail and some live show tunes. For historical accuracy.

Aug 11, Oreya at Capri, 281 County Rd 39A, Southampton, 631-500-9055

Up to 90% Off Many Clothes You Like

Up to 90% Off Many Clothes You Like

Did you see that? 90%? We’ll elaborate. Up to 90% off on wearable things from the likes of Lucio Castro, Carlos Campos, Ddugoff and other designers we greatly approve of that are hard to find.

Aug 12-14, 10am-6pm; Aug 15, 10am-2pm; Swords-Smith, 98 S 4th St (between Bedford and Berry), Brooklyn, 347-599-2969

The Best Bangkok in Brooklyn

The Best Bangkok in Brooklyn

We’re duty-bound to tell you that there’s a party trying to exactly (read: not in a fetishized way) recreate Bangkok at House of Yes. That includes fried crickets, bungalows, a tropical island garden, Thai massages, a fish spa and ladyboy shows. House of Yes: still living up to its name.

Some Prestigious Folks from Denver Are Here

Some Prestigious Folks from Denver Are Here

The Park South Hotel has a rooftop. Wait, there’s more. They’re bringing the expert drink makers from Williams & Graham (best cocktail bar in Denver) to that rooftop for a couple nights to ply their trade for you. It’s a good kind of more.

Aug 14-15, Roof at Park South, 125 E 27th St (between Lexington and Park), 212-204-5222

What Else Is New
From Okonomi...

From Okonomi...

Typically, Japanese fish markets are found in Japan. That’s how geography works. But the intrepid people of Okonomi decided to bring one to Williamsburg, and to call it Osakana. There’ll be classes, prepared takeout and you pondering how to prepare tuna.

Now open, Osakana, 290 Graham Ave (at Powers), Brooklyn, 646-262-1358

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