Playing the Menswear Sales Stock Market

With End-of-Summer Discounts Getting Even Deeper, Here’s How to Maximize Your Menswear Dollars...

By Najib Benouar ·
As we’re sure your inundated inbox has made you painfully aware: we’re currently in the thick of end-of-summer sale season.

And even the webshops that seem to be perpetually on sale are going even deeper—but don’t let that trick you into a false sense of urgency. One day they’re slashing prices by 30%. The next, they’re going down to 40%. And then there’s the coup de grâce sales-upon-sales promising an additional percentage off already discounted items with the checkout code BUYTHISBEFOREWELITERALLYTHROWITINTHETRASH.

So we’ve put together this handy stock-market-like prospectus for what to buy, hold off on or skip during this sale season...

The Sale: J.Crew.
The Goods: Sweaters, chinos, shirts, suits, everything, seriously, everything, all the time.
The Play: Skip—unless you see a dirt-cheap basic you need upgraded or until you get an additional high percentage off sale items (just check your inbox now). They’ve overexposed themselves on the market.

The Sale: Billy Reid.
The Goods: Polos, sport coats, shoes.
The Play: Buy—especially if you’re planning on investing in a sport coat or shoes (that you can try on in-store, preferably). A few of the polos might be worth snatching up, too. This is a blue chip.

The Sale: Todd Snyder.
The Goods: Button-downs, jackets and sweats from his ongoing collaboration with Champion.
The Play: Hold off—until you get an additional discount code (you just missed one for an additional 30% off), and then go after some sweet, sweet sweats. Solid ROI there.

The Sale: East Dane.
The Goods: Jackets, sneakers, backpacks, a whole lot of stuff.
The Play: Hold off—this sale is hovering at only around 30% off and will go deeper. Set your order limit at sub-40% at least.

The Sale: Need Supply.
The Goods: Tees, bucket hats, cool jackets.
The Play: Buy—they’re currently running an additional 30% off their sale items and stuff is starting to sell out. If you’re the right size, there are some low-volume, high-yield opportunities here.

The Sale: Ernest Alexander.
The Goods: Leather bags, pocket squares, ties.
The Play: Buy—if you’re looking for a leather bag half-off or a tie. This is a niche market.

The Sale: Gant.
The Goods: Blazers, chinos, sweaters—all a mix of Gant mainline and Rugger.
The Play: Hold off—the deals don’t seem good enough just yet, but they’re claiming to be going as low as 50% right now. Play the margin here.
Najib Benouar

Najib Benouar has been known on occasion to write about menswear, ice cream scoops and all other manner of gentlemanly pursuit.

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