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Meet Studio City’s New All-Day Seafood Empire

Poke Burritos, Oyster Shooters and Bottomless Bloodys Right Where You Need Them

By Hadley Tomicki ·
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Fish were good to the studios this summer.

Finding Dory.

The Shallows.

Monday’s premiere of poke burritos and soft-shell crab BLTs from the Grill on the Alley team.

Curtain up at Laurel Point, a significant all-day seafood palace opening Monday where Laurel Canyon meets Ventura. Here’s the slideshow and the menu.

The people behind Public School, Daily Grill and Grill on the Alley made you this attractive hall of nautical ropes, white marble and whiter Nantucket-y chairs so you can entertain noteworthy producers and sizable groups of associates. It’s something they’re good at.

Pitch your new nonlinear over lunch at the raw bar. You’ll build rapport over oyster shooters and local beer. They’ll progress to sushi. You’ll do the oyster po’boy or poke burrito to establish your independent streak.

Dinner will look more like you and assorted friends on the patio. Glasses of Santa Barbara wine covering your table and forkfuls of Thai snapper suspended in the air to accommodate your witty asides.

And Sundays will just be a nice time for you to catch up on things like bottomless Bloody Marys during brunch.

You’ve been meaning to strike a better work/Bloody Mary balance.
Hadley Tomicki

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