Things to do for July 27, 2016

Root Beer Donuts, Green Slime Drinks and Chang Burgers

These Are a Few of Your Weekend-y Things

By Ilana Dadras

When I say weekend, you say time. Weekend...

Timo Weiland’s Gone and Done It

Timo Weiland’s Gone and Done It

It’s true: inside the Cadillac House, there now lies a Timo Weiland store (the space will switch to another label at some point). And inside that store, there now lies art, a bunch of customizable sunglasses and clothes that just came off the runway. And that’s all we got for where things are currently lying.

David Chang’s Behind These Bleeding Veggie Burgers

David Chang’s Behind These Bleeding Veggie Burgers

We know, we know. Veggie burgers are usually a hard pass. But what happens when a tasty, juicy, entirely plant-based burger engineered to actually bleed and executed by David Chang is put on the table? What if that table is at Momofuku Nishi? What then?

Available now at Momofuku Nishi, 232 8th Ave (between 21st and 22nd), 646-518-1919

Leyenda’s Doing Brunch Now

Leyenda’s Doing Brunch Now

Sometimes Pan-Latin cocktail bars decide to do brunch. And when those brunches involve customizable spiked sangritas, a quinoa-acai-berry option and tortillas topped with grilled chorizo, eggs and chipotle hollandaise... you go to them, so you can consume said items. Wait, why weren’t we grilling chorizo for brunch already?

Sat-Sun, 11am-4pm, Leyenda, 221 Smith St (between Butler and Baltic), Brooklyn, 347-987-3260

Late-Night Hey Arnold and Beer Cocktails

Late-Night <em>Hey Arnold</em> and Beer Cocktails

For two hours every Saturday, this UES craft beer spot will screen old-school SNICK shows (Are You Afraid of the Dark, Doug, Rugrats, the like) as you drink things like Green Slime (gin, grapefruit, Sprite), nosh on pulled-pork nachos and play some competitive pinball. It’s the adulthood you always imagined.

Saturdays, midnight-2am, Treadwell Park, 1125 1st Ave (at 62nd), 212-832-1551

What Else Is New
Root Beer Donuts. Lemonade Donuts. All of the Donuts.

Root Beer Donuts. Lemonade Donuts. All of the Donuts.

The Brooklyn pastry shop known for strangely intriguing vegan donuts in rotating flavors like lemonade, root beer and Earl Grey tea now has an outpost in the East Village. For all of your strangely intriguing vegan donut needs.

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