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Our Editors’ Five Style Picks for the Week

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Adidas Superstars: Redux. “I had an epiphanic sartorial moment last week, boarding a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Marseilles. There was a rather stylish gent—German or French, though I’d reckon German—walking ahead of me, wearing a fedora and tailored jeans cuffed up to reveal a pair of classic black-and-white Adidas Superstars. Now, I’m not a gym shoe guy, nor have I ever been. I never really understood the look—be it with a nice pair of jeans or a suit—and would way rather blow my footwear-related funds on a nice pair of casual oxfords or boots. But something about this dude, and the fact that I was in Europe, and the more potent fact, lucidly realized on the stairs leading up to the airplane, that I actually rocked a pair myself sometime in sixth or seventh grade, forced me to reevaluate. In that moment, I wanted those shoes more than any other shoes in the whole wide world. That moment hasn’t quite passed yet. And I’m not sure it will until I’m wearing some Superstars.” —Sam Eichner

Gant Comfort Shorts. “I needed a pair of shorts that I could wear while traveling in sweltering climates. Something breathable that feels like I’m standing above a drafty grate when I’m actually searching for shade and trying to avoid heatstroke. So I got these shorts from Gant. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and they only cover the top part of my legs, which are the big things I look for when evaluating shorts.” —Kevin Gray

Zeal Optics Ace. “I went fly-fishing and sporting clay shooting last week (more on that later) and learned a lot of things in the process, but one lesson I didn’t expect to learn was about sunglasses. On my way out the door, I grabbed a pair of shades that I thought had polarized lenses. You know, with that very reflective mirrored coating... Turns out, that’s not what polarized means and I’d been living a lie my whole life. Polarization is a layer applied to lenses that can look like just about any other lens, mirrored or not, and filters out sun glare on things like river water. So, in a foolish act of hastiness, I passed over my Zeal Optics sunglasses for a sportier-looking pair I’ve got, because these Aces are so darn stylish that I wouldn’t have guessed they’ve actually got this polarized ‘Ellume’ technology in their lenses (not to mention these things are next-level eco-friendly) that’s perfect for reading a river. I still caught a handful of fish (mostly sans sunglasses entirely), but now I know the difference. And will never make that mistake again. Of course, I’d like to think I would’ve hauled in a few more whoppers. But that’s fishin’, ain’t it?” —Najib Benouar

Everest Isles Mayol Trunk. “I’ve been giving these things a workout this summer, and they’ve held up very well to the rigors of towel-hook hanging and weekend-bag jamming. They’re thick and they dry fast enough that I can wear them around outside the water or beach if the weather calls for it, and most importantly, they don’t bleach under the power of a high-SPF sunscreen.” —Geoff Rynex

Saint Laurent Palm Tree Necklace. “This past weekend, my best friend moved to Honolulu. Which is great, for facilitating my future vacation plans. And terrible for me in all other regards. To ease the transition, I did a deep Google search for some not-too-corny friendship necklaces, bracelets, rings, what have you. And I settled on this Saint Laurent Hawaii pendant, because it couldn’t be more appropriate. I recommend it highly if anyone else has a close friend shipping off to Oahu. Or if you just like tropical-inspired, surprisingly inexpensive Saint Laurent jewelry.” —Ilana Dadras

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