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The Best of AW16 That You Can Buy Right Now

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Yes, it’s July. And yes, it’s very hot out. But, at least for now, the fashion gods say that July is the time fall and winter clothes start rolling out into the world for your buying and stowing-away benefit. So before your size inevitably runs out, here’s the best of the essentials we’ve seen thus far...

The Denim Jacket
John Elliott
Why we like it: It breaks away from the Levi’s Series Whatever trucker mold a bit while still keeping it simple.

The Jeans
Why we like it: It’ll be time to put away the light washes, so you’ll need a good, dark jean, but this year we’re going to relax the fit a little.

The Topcoat
Maison Kitsuné (in-store only for now)
Why we like it: Because you already have a basic camel topcoat.

The Zip Boot

Maison Margiela
Why we like it: This is like having a sartorial head start at every cocktail party you ever go to. Embrace the Cuban heel.

The Sneaker
Why we like it: It’s the embodiment of a proper earth tone.

The Stand-Alone Sweater
S.N.S. Herning
Why we like it: It’ll stick out oh-so-nicely over any jacket you’ve got and it’ll be warm as hell.

The Layering Sweater
William Lockie
Why we like it: Here you have the anchor of probably a dozen or more of your FW outfits to come.

The Off-Duty Shirt
Why we like it: It’s pure manliness in a soft, neutral color.

The Bag
Why we like it: It’s actually green.

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