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Comfort Food, Happy Hour and Sangria on Van Ness

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Sometimes, you’re just after a place that’s... in between.

Not fancy, but not casual. Relaxed, but memorable. A place where you might order at the counter, but end up lingering for hours.

And bonus points if it happens to have a killer french dip...

Exhibit A: Corridor. It’s the new spot from the guys who brought you Trestle and Stones Throw, it’s now open on Van Ness, and here’s the slideshow.

You’ll recall Corridor Café, which opened a few months back. Well, this is its next-door neighbor and big brother, complete with a bright, wide-open space and, conveniently, this menu.

Maybe you’ll make a reservation for dinner, which secures you a seat in the upstairs mezzanine. More likely, though, you’ll pop in for happy hour and settle in with a sangria or a Gone with the Wind, involving Cappelletti, Cocchi and sherry. Oh, look, pull-apart monkey bread with cheddar and that french dip. You’ll have those, too.

Eventually, you’ll relocate to a table next to the floor-to-ceiling windows for some asparagus risotto with black truffle oil and do that thing where you lean back, look out the window, smile and take a deep, contented breath.

Don’t act like you’ve never done that thing.

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