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This Goes Way Beyond a Butcher Shop

Game, Whole Lambs and Australian Wagyu from Curtis Stone

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Curtis Stone just opened a butcher shop.

It’s serious.

It’s uncanny Fourth of July timing.

It’s best if we start saying more words about it now.

So... Gwen Butcher Shop, where the Aussie chef and his brother break down animals to ensure that you win your various weekend cookouts, is open now in Hollywood, and here’s a look inside.

Crazy. Maude’s boss now fronts this corner full of farm-specific meats and poultry. Some hang from the ceiling of that dry-aging room, and more sit behind glass in rib, chop and tube form.


Visualize Wagyu. Obtain Wagyu.
It’s the only place offering Australia’s well-marbled Blackmore Wagyu for your barbecues.

Get the whole animal.
It’s not just bone-in ribeye, pork belly and jidori chicken here. They also have whole heritage rabbits, Hudson Valley ducks and entire lambs. Call us.

Sausages. That’s all. Sausages.
They make their own ’nduja and salami and speck and stuff. Nothing stopping you from their breakfast sausages, though. Breakfast being reputedly important.

Make reservations for Gwen, the restaurant, now.
That’s the other 80% of this space being built to your right. It opens later this month, but they’re taking reservations for August now, and you’re going to need them.

It’s a great time to be alive and like food.


Gwen Butcher Shop
6600 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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