The Tuck Room Tavern

The Tuck Room Tavern, by the Numbers

Reuben Croquettes, Punch Bowls and Giant Eight Balls in Westwood

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Your movie starts at 8.

Meaning your baby backs and Old Fashioneds start at 6:30.

You’re clearly at the Tuck Room Tavern, a whimsical restaurant below iPic from the legendary Sherry Yard, soft-open now and grand-opening tomorrow in Westwood. Cue the slideshow and the menu.

It’s a mix of old-Hollywood glamour and random quirkiness for eating Reuben croquettes over three menus’ worth of cocktails before or after a movie. Or just because you want what Yard’s cooking. Here now: your numerical breakdown...

Number of people who can fit under the patio’s retractable roof: 38

Approximate height of the giant eight ball you’ll roll around that patio: 3.5 feet

Portraits of noble badgers above emerald-green booths: 1

Number of beers on tap: 8

Percentage of said beers that are from California: 100

Number of novels in the book tower painted with dancing bears: roughly 2,000

How often they’ll rotate infusions made in the glass contraption dubbed “The Heisenberg”: daily

Ounces of the ribeye: 12

Distance from the restaurant to Marilyn Monroe’s final burial place: 0.2 miles

Sizes the Norma Jean cocktail comes in: 3

Number of flat-screens showing sports or classic films: 5

Base spirit choices in the build-your-own margarita: 7

Number of drinkers simultaneously served by the silver stag head punchbowl: 24

Likelihood you’ll find room for Yard’s red velvet pavlova: where there’s a will...


The Tuck Room Tavern
10850 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90024


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